Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are your transactions safe?

Yes, there is no financial information going through our website. After you make an offer, and the offer is accepted, you will be sent a link to to complete the transaction. Added benefit of using is that they will keep your funds in escrow until you receive the domain name.


Q) Is this a one time purchase or a recurring payment?

A domain purchase is a one-time transaction. You purchase the domain and are the new owner of the domain. The only recurring fee is the registration fee with your registrar (the same as with any other domain name).


Q) Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans. In very rare cases however we can offer a lease or rent on a domain name. Contact us to discuss.


Q) How will I receive access to the domain name?

After terms are agreed upon and payment is made to, we will either push the domain into your hosting account or send you the domain authorization code.


Q) I already have a website, do I have to create a new website if I purchase one of your domains?

No, a new website is not required to start using a new domain. Any domain can be forwarded to either a new or an existing website. If you already have a site, i.e., and you purchase a new domain, you can have it forwarded to show the website if an user accesses your new domain name. You can even choose if you want your new domain name or to show in the address bar.